“NiteNite Baby” is the most unique, high-quality essential oil blend. Mommies love the roll-on application, as they can use it for baby foot massages. The fact that there are no chemicals/preservatives in MartiScrub’s ® product is very important to my clients. The aroma of “NiteNite” is calming and soothing for both, child & mother.

~ Nite Nite Aromatherapy Roll On ~

Donna F. / Certified Doula, Sleep Coach

I have been using this shampoo for my grooming dogs for a few months now. I love it! It works great on hotspots, doesn’t sting/burn and the hotspots look improved after soaking for a few minutes. I’m also noticing far less spring time skin issues this year. The dogs who do have irritated spots from scratching, the inflammation has reduced by the time they go home. This shampoo is a keeper for sure!

~ Gentle Dog Shampoo ~

Beth J. / Dog Groomer

When asked by a client to mix a formula for her birds mites, based on a product she had available for humans and canines, Martina (MartiScrub ®) researched the essential oils, ingredients, etc. to make sure that it would be safe for birds. I got new chickens that came with scaly mite, and I did a LOT of research myself. I actually bought 2 different kinds of mite sprays, but wasn’t thrilled with the chemical smell and didn’t like that many people pointed out with coconut oil or vaseline that the birds had issues perching. I used MartiScrub’s ® “Mite Spray” 4 times and my scaly mite was gone. Quite a dramatic difference. I now just spray them about once a week just in case.

~ Chicken Mite Spray ~

Deb H. / Dog Agility Trainer

I use this balm on my father-in-law’s feet. His cancer mediation has done a number on his feet. This balm is a miracle! It leaves his feet looking amazing, no peeling or cracking! If it’s able to heal his feet, imagine what it will do for yours!

~ Hand & Foot Balm ~

Maria H. / Food & Beverage Manager

I have been using Martina’s products for some time and just love them! I use the Insta-Heal on everything, it’s amazing how it stops itching, helps with bruising, heals cuts. I use paw balm on the dogs and on my own dry skin! The animal insect repellent is awesome for people, too! My latest love is Happy Lips – amazing stuff for dry, chapped lips, and cold sores. I almost forgot the hand sanitizer! Does not dry the skin and smells amazing! I give bottles away all the time! Don’t take my word for it, go try Marti Scrub products!

~ HAPPY LIPS Essential Oil Roll-On ~

Linda W. / Fitness Instructor

I am a certified massage therapist and use the Muscle Ease massage oil on my corporate clients. A little goes a long way and the oils are designed to ease tension and stress. The scent is soothing and not overwhelming. I LOVE this product and also use the Yoga Mat Cleaner to wipe down my massage equipment.

~ Muscle Ease Massage Oil ~

Suzanne S. / Massage Therapist

I have been using “Scar Away” on bruises, scratches and a previous neck surgery scar with great results after using Aquaphor for some time. Scar Away works much faster and the healing is quick and complete. The reorder of this product arrived within three days as advertised. I am pleased with all aspects of my experience.

~ SCAR AWAY Essential Oil Roll-On ~

Herb S. / Retired Accountant

Working outside all day I get bitten by insects often. I was introduced to Insta-Heal and have been using it frequently. It has helped with the itching and helped my bug bites heal faster! I recommend this product to anyone in need of skin irritation relief

~ INSTA-HEAL Essential Oil Roll-On ~

Nick B. / PGA Golf Instructor

I own a dog business and am constantly getting nicked or scratched by exuberant dogs. I just roll a little “Insta-Heal” on and in a day or two it’s healed!! It is amazing how quickly it works!! There is also a dog version which works just as well. I keep one at work, home and in my purse. I love it!! You will too!!

~ INSTA-HEAL Essential Oil Roll-On ~

Earlene W. / Canine Hydrotherapist